FRIDAY ACE: “Silver Lining” Edition – Week of 02/22/09


I demand a wall scroll and/or poster of that image.

So you’ve noticed this past week that I’ve been going on and on about the new Mazinger Series anime, Shin Mazinger: Impact! Z-Chapter. Rightfully so, seeing as how it seems like Angsty Bishounen are the only thing synonymous with the mecha anime genre as of late. The good news is though that apparently, that too will fade: We’re going back to the Universal Century!!! Hit it!

Revealed in an issue of Hobby Magazine, the long-awaited 30th anniversary entry to the Gundam franchise will be a series featuring mechanical designs by legendary designer Katoki Hajime.


From GundamNews:

The time is Universal Century 0081. One year has passed since the war and although the world was regaining order, small-scale battles continued in various places by the Zeon remnants who still continue to resist. During the situation, a veteran soldier of the Earth Federation Forces is appointed to a mop-up operation of the Zeon remnant forces. On the other side, a young officer is executing a top secret operation for the revival of Zeon. Their paths cross on this battlefield.

There WAS a trailer somewhere but it’s since vanished. Ah well. The news of this hitting right after the Shin Mazinger announcement is just amazing. Now I’m just counting the moments until Gundam 00 is no more and our departure back into the 80’s….the 0080’s.

Okay that was cheesy as all hell. Here’s Friday ACE.

-To start this off, Jay Chou’s got another bright idea….


I know, I know. I’ve avoided Kung Fu Dunk but I’ve heard nothing but bad things and Initial D was years ago so I should have forgiven him by now. However, the above picture is just making me facepalm everytime I see it! See? I did just just now as I typed. Entitled Pandaman, Jay Chou is aiming to make a television superhero that people can relate too….

“We have seen such Western superheroes as Spiderman and Batman,” said Chou, “but Chinese people need their own heroes, and that will be the pandamen.”

Chances are it’ll be played straight and action packed but I’m still a bit skeptic. I’m waiting for One Piece fans to cry foul of this one. Otherwise, no word on when this TV series is supposed to start up but shooting starts on the 25. For more pics and info, go here.

-While we’re still in the region, let’s talk a little bit about the forthcoming flick, Coweb.


Awhile back, there was a reality TV show called The Disciple. In it, Jackie Chan chose a martial artist to be his protege who would also appear in a film shortly afterwards. Now, one of the finalists, Jiang Luxia, is appearing in a kickass looking martial arts film entitled Coweb. Apparently, it’s like the Condemned…only better. Check out the trailer….

Twitch recently got their hands on a fight reel from the flick which you can check out over in their neck of the woods. Man, what is it with all of these sweet looking martial arts movies coming out of the wood work as of late?

-So everybody I know has played the hell out of Tatsunoko VS Capcom and they keep telling me how ridiculously awesome it is. This really doesn’t help, considering how I still haven’t touched the damn game since its release! Then suddenly, we hear the following news: Marvel VS Tatsunoko.


….Almost. See, according to Japanator who heard it from the Nihon Shinbun, both companies are slated to produce an anime featuring characters from both respective studios. Crazy huh? Well the insanity will have to wait because it’s not coming out for three years. That’s not too much of a problem for Marvel, considering how Madhouse is slated to produce four anime series featuring the likes of Wolvering and Iron Man in 2010. In the meantime though, fans are already speculating like a reclusive conspiracy theorist.

I’m calling it now guys: We’re getting a game out of this.

-This was pointed out on /m/ but check this out. It appears the General Xaviax’s minions have broken out of Ventara and are invading other dimensions...


The screencap on the left is from the recent Making Of footage that was shown on the announcement vid for Super Den-O and Decade. On the right, a screencap from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. It’s the SPD Battlizer cross-over all over again…

…..God I hated that team-up.

Save those pennies guys and gals, Akira Kurosawa’s Ran is hitting Blu-Ray this May!!

To my knowledge, this is the first Criterion Kurosawa release to be given the BD treatment. In addition to boasting a restored high-definition transfer, Ran will include a brand-new commentary track by scholar Stephen Price, another installment of Akira Kurosawa: It Is Wonderful to Create, a new interview with Tatsuya Nakadai and more tidbits that will have Kurosawa fans drooling. Now if they give Yojimbo the same treatment, I may just have to cave and get a Blu-Ray player finally.

Remember how all of last year, kids were being busted in school for making custom Death Notes? How about that kid that died trying to re-enact Naruto? Well, it looks like we have our first anime-related incident of the year folks; New York is boycotting Ero-Games, specifically the game called “Rapelay”.


A video game that’s growing in popularity is also gaining controversy. People are so upset by the game they are asking stores to ban the sale of it. CBS 2 HD learned plenty of reasons why this game is not a toy.

……It gets worse.

On the streets of Manhattan CBS 2 HD couldn’t find a game enthusiast that had even heard of “Rapelay” or would ever want to play it.

OF COURSE they haven’t heard of it! It’s a game for adults that isn’t even popular! This is being treated as if this was the next Grand Theft Auto menace to our fragile American youth. I’m not condoning the game itself, the whole thing is sick as hell but honestly, who the hell buys their kid an eroge anyways? The whole thing just irritates the hell out of me!

….Quinn is even asking New Yorkers who see the game being sold to report the store on the City Council’s Web-

SHUT UP ALREADY! I need something to take my mind off of the idiocy here….

Much better.

Ash Wednesday has come and gone. Question is, did you celebrate it right? CinemaBlend explains the true way to ring in the day: By celebrating the antics of this guy:

Hail to the king, baby.

Honorable Mention:
My Little Slave Princess Leia. Nuff said.

And now, some links to go out on:
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Circuit City’s Revenge (Kotaku)
Beating Down The God of Poverty (Japan Prove)
Hideo Nakata’s Foreign Filmmaker’s Guide to Hollywood (Twitch)

That’s it for this week’s Friday ACE. Now, Badminton with Nunchaku:


2 thoughts on “FRIDAY ACE: “Silver Lining” Edition – Week of 02/22/09

  1. If celebrating Ash Wednesday right includes getting a copy of one of Bruce Campbell’s books, then groovy.

    Also, incredibly looking forward to new Gundam and Mazinger this year. did you get a chance to see that trailer? How was it?

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