End of a Shelving Era

Not really a proper post, more like a random event that needs to be documented.

Though you can barely make it out, this is the current state of my room’s computer. At around 11:30 last night, my fledgling desk/shelf finally collapsed. My computer went crashing down onto the floor with the monitor, keyboard, and speakers (along with the entire left side of the the damn thing) falling all on me. Part of it had snapped late last year and I had completely forgotten to see about getting new wall clamps. Go me, right?

The damages are minimal thankfully. Aside from a bruised ego and water splashed all over the floor (as I was drinking a glass earlier), the only real loss is my keyboard which is completely shot. USB cables were messed up but were able to be bent back into shape and work just fine. Due to my current financial situation, a new proper desk is out of the question and my dead Mac occupies the space of the old one. It’s not that big of a trouble though as I can wrangle one of the folding tables. I’m just glad that the computer still works after the fall.

Right now I’m on my laptop which, unfortunately, has no connection to the home network. Not a problem with my external hard drive holding a majority of my projects on it. Otherwise, all is well…sort of.


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