So Let’s Ride! (In Print)


I can’t believe I forgot to plug this! The new issue of Otaku USA is now on sale and with something for everybody…..and then something for you Toku freaks out there: A Kamen Rider-related blowout!

August Ragone and I join forces to bring you not only a Kamen Rider primer but a full feature centering around Kamen Rider Dragon Knight! Also, head over to to check out my series of interviews with Nathan Long (main writer of the series), Yvonne Arias (Maya Young), Matt Mullins (Len/Wing Knight), and Stephen Lunsford (Kit/Dragon Knight). My interviews with Nathan and Yvonne are currently up now with the rest on the way.

So head on over and pick up this month’s issue…or else a hot maid girl will cry. Maybe.


One thought on “So Let’s Ride! (In Print)

  1. Finally got around to picking up the issue last week. Good article. I showed it off in my Super Sentai/Kamen Rider panel at a convention I was at this past weekend.

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