The Final Factor

Goddamnit internet, you were right.


You all told me I was crazy for sticking with Linebarrels of Iron. You all told me that it would succumb the Gonzo curse, that it would turn to total and complete trash by the end and I laughed at what I thought was bitter bias. I remained convinced that even though this show was slipping into the realm of Harem Antics, Linebarrels of Iron would be the ONE Gonzo property to come out on top and give people the finger!

…God was I wrong.

By the final episodes, all I’d been given for my trouble were more fan-service laden filler episodes, people dying and just “getting better”, and the reinforcement of the Unwritten Rule of Super Robot Shows: Only those who have a penis can do cool things on a regular basis.

You’d think that on another “Finale Weekend” that the whole board would be cleared without a hitch; Battlestar Galactica had a decent ending, Tomica Hero Rescue Force had a hell of a climactic battle, why couldn’t Linebarrels just be…well..good? Aside from a final showdown that is anything but, we’re given such a cop-out ending in the finale that scraps an otherwise emotional moment for the sake of preserving key fanservice for a possible second season that honestly, I don’t think will happen if its popularity is any indicator….

Case in point: You can usually tell how popular a show is by how many groups are trying to sub it and release soundtracks online, right? The Linebarrels soundtrack has been out since December. Nobody has uploaded it since.

That and the scarce doujinshi output for this series is pretty surprising, given that all bases are covered here in terms of fetishes-I mean girl types.

I guess now I have to track down the manga as apparently A.) It’s radically different and B.) It’s still ongoing. In the meantime, sleep.


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