Of Demon Drums and Zecters

So while looking on the 101fwy Tokusatsu boards, I noticed the newest TV Magazine scan/caps for Kamen Rider Decade…and I saw this.

They're baaaaaaaaack!

That’s right, you aren’t seeing things. From left, Shingo Kawaguchi, Kenji Matsuda, and what looks like Jyoji Shibue are coming back for the Hibiki’s world arc in Decade! With the show’s somewhat stumbling perhaps this will turn the tide for the better….unless they get completely overshadowed by Kaito.

On the flipside of things to expect in future episodes, Alternate Souji Tendo has been revealed….


Sorry to all the Tendou fanboys out there who were hoping for a return by Hiro Mizushima. Unfortunately, it gets worse. Here’s a glimpse at Kabuto’s Final Form Ride….


….A-At least Faiz Accel Form has been confirmed to appear in that episode! That helps, right?!


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