The Best Revenge (Or, “Things I Learned At Anime Central 2009)

Ah, ACEN. The con I tend to love to hate. I went this year for the sake of friends and…well…it was kind of a mixed back. Still, I came away from it with a couple of learning experiences. Here’s my traditional few:

-Drama rears its head when you least expect it.
(Note: Yes, I figured this out ages ago but this was a kind refresher.)

Seeing a Geek Movie with a Geek Audience Enhances the Awesomeness:

Beam me up anytime...

Going to see Star Trek on opening night with half of ACen was all the more enhanced by my friends catching fanservice lines and passing the info along. Not going to spoil anything but be sure to listen to EVERY line that’s spoken during the movie. You might even have to see it twice but considering how great it was in the first place, you’ll be wanting to do that anyways.

If somebody has an idea to do an epic outdoor Rickroll, do not edge them on and encourage it: As a result of cheering one such individual on, we ended up with a two hour Rickroll conga line. Only at ACen.

ADV frigging rocks: They may seem down and out but they’re still in the fight. Also, Tiffany Grant? Meanest Rock-Paper-Scissors player on the face of the planet.

Hell hath no fury like a one-handed Cammy player: When killing time before Toku Hell: The Revenge, I ended up playing Street Fighter IV. During the tournament, a one-handed player showed up with some arcade sticks. I tried to get footage of him in action but regardless, he had one of the best Cammy styles I’ve seen in awhile. I actually ran up after the match and shook his hand. T’was amazing.

Cosplay Karaoke=Suddenly Quasi-Masquerade Loser’s Bracket: Not saying that to be mean as there were some fantastic people in the mix but some people decided to suddenly go into skits and even random poetry jams. I remember sitting there, just blown away that this was all going on…

The Slants Don’t Need To Be Asian to Rock Hard:

From ACen 2009: The Revenge

One of the groups we got for ACen this year was The Slants, a really awesome indie rock group. Apparently, there were some people that called their Asian heritage into question, some even whining that they weren’t even Japanese. I really didn’t care as they put on a hell of a set. I didn’t get to buy any albums but I still have a ton of badass pics to show for it.

The ACen xRunner is GOD:

Yes, I made a Gunbuster reference without thinking....

Not really but the official truck of the con is awesome as hell. Mostly because it sports the R5 Central logo.

Asshole Moments Make the Con Go Faster: Maybe I’m just becoming jaded but I did have two quasi snap moments. One was understandable as I yelled at the Shouting Yaoi Guy to shut the hell up, the other happened whilest in the game room.

(MIKE is chatting with new friends, KENDALL and DAN, when a slightly chunky L COSPLAYER approaches him with a tattered Death Note that’s nearly falling apart.)

Would either of you like to sign my Death Note?


(walks away for some reason)

(Twitches a bit) S-Sure, why not?

Be sure not to sign where I have it sectioned off! That’s personal!

(MIKE looks at the Note. Several pages are placed with in the cover flaps. The L COSPLAYER strikes up conversation with somebody else as he starts writing in big letters. KENDALL looks on.)

(Saying as he writes)
“Every….L Cosplayer…..Spontaneous….Combustion.”


(MIKE hands the Note back to the L COSPLAYER.)

(Reading) Every Cosplayer….

That’s Every *L* Cosplayer.


(The L COSPLAYER looks at the Note again, looking at Mike once more before striking up conversation with Random Bleach/Naruto Hybrid Girl to break the silence and walking away.)

Made me feel better, that’s for sure.

Toku Hell? In the words of one of the patrons, “One of the best panels of the con”:


We had a record turnout, a packed house with nearly standing room only. Sure it was far from perfect (quality had to be downgraded so that I could finish rendering it in time for the con, multiple session crashes resulting in a loss of the original lineup, etc.) but positive responses all around. I may just have to return, after all….


2 thoughts on “The Best Revenge (Or, “Things I Learned At Anime Central 2009)

  1. What all is Toku Hell like? I want to try and expand on some toku-related content at my local convention, and going off the turn out for the sentai panel I did, I think there may be an audience for it. My panel was mostly an intro for Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, and I’d like to expand upon that for an introduction for more toku franchises. I also want another panel for either more in-depth discussion or fan silliness, but I haven’t decided which or what to do with it either way I choose.

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