Those were the days...

Ally in arms, Ron “Soulcrash” Ladao stumbled upon this old photo of myself with the Chicagoland Cosplay Club from back in 2004. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious where I’m located but there’s something else that’s ridiculously significant about it. Honestly, I think that day started me on the path to where I am now.

How do I figure? It’s a weird chain of events. If it hadn’t been for me crossing paths with the C^3 that fateful day at Mitsuwa, I would have never gone to Anime Central. Had I not gone to ACen, I would have never met JAMS and Keith a year later, nor would I have joined HJU. If it hadn’t been for HJU, I don’t think R5 Central would have taken off as much as it did. (Well maybe it would’ve as I think the desire to do the show stemmed from both me wanting to be a DJ for MMO Radio and being inspired by fellow podcaster, Kyle Hebert. Still, it probably would have taken much longer for things to shape up to level I’m at now.) And then, of course if I had never done R5 Central, I would never have gotten a job writing for Otaku USA….Still with me after all of that?

It’s so weird to think how one day helped move things along, right? A lot of people in that pic are still good friends of mine, some of which you’ve probably heard in episodes of R5.

…..And then of course GReeeeN’s new single, “Haruka” just HAD to kick in when seeing the photo.

Is there a point to this entry? Beats me, consider this one of my occasional nostalgia binges if you’d like. Really it’s just a realization of how far I’ve come in recent years. Especially considering how I’m suddenly the “most infamous black con goer” according to a comment on that photo.


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