FRIDAY ACE: “Walk Out With Style” Edition – Week of 05/31/09

From CNN:

American actor David Carradine has been found dead, hanging by a nylon rope in a hotel room closet in Bangkok, Thailand, according to a Thai police official…..”Circumstances surrounding his death are still unknown, and there will be no further comment until more information can be confirmed,” the statement said.

There’s nothing I can say about this that hasn’t been said already. To that end, here’s this week’s Friday ACE.

Shun Oguri has announced his intention to direct his first film.

Popular actor Shun Oguri (26) is taking on his first directing job. While actors becoming directors is nothing new, this is said to be the first case for a star still in his twenties. The movie’s official title is still unknown, but those close to the project are apparently calling it “Surely Someday.”

Oguri, who is currently overseas for work, plans to start shooting this summer. Details are sparse, but the film is said to be a story of adolescence that will feature a cast of handsome actors.

Considering this guy’s background, I think this may end well. Now if I can only score an interview with the guy…..

Now, an epic combination:

For another, watch this. Fast-forward to the 2:24 mark.

With all the buzz over the brand-spanking new Ju-On double feature, imagine the surprise fans got at E3 when this trailer showed up…

Sold. Even better is the fact that series director Takashi Shimuzu is going to be cranking out-get this-Japan’s first ever 3D Horror film!

From Twitch:

Japanese production and distribution company Asmik Ace Entertainement today announced the commencement of the principal photography of “THE SHOCK LABYRINTH,” a live action digital 3D film directed by Takashi Shimizu (“JUON,” “JUON 2,” “THE GRUDGE,” “THE GRUDGE 2”).

….The story is an original written by Daisuke Hosaka, but the concept of the film is inspired by and based on “Senritsu Meikyu” (literally translated as “The Shock Labyrinth), an hugely popular horror attraction in the Japanese amusement park Fuji-Q High Land located near Mt. Fuji. “Senritsu Meikyu” has set the Guinness world record for “The Longest Horror House Walk-Through.” The film started its shooting earlier this week, and most of the film is scheduled to be shot on location in this horror house during the park’s off hours.

On making the announcement, Tanishima commented: “I am extremely thrilled to be working with the horror giant Shimizu on his first 3D project. This project is inspired by an amusement park attraction, like ‘THE PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN’ and ‘HAUNTED MANSION,’ but it is not only that. We are literally shooting the film inside the actual horror house, and it will be delivered earlier than James Cameron’s ‘AVATAR.’ This is not going to be a slasher, or a typical J-horror. We are making a ‘shocker.’”

Wish I could see this thing when it hits theaters. Also, watch, some jerk in Hollywood will want to remake the whole thing instead of just subbing it and releasing it Stateside.

Speaking of jerks, get a load of this: A news announcer in Japan is getting a TON of flack from police. Why? Because he held a gun on TV.

From Japan-Zone via Japan Probe

Talento Harada Noburo (57)….and [his] TV producers are currently the subject of a police investigation. Their crime? Allowing Harada to simply hold a hunting rifle during a live broadcast on a local TV network show without having first obtained official permission. Harada was visiting a hunting club in the town of Yogocho for the January 17 edition of the “Tokimeki Saga’s” show when one of the members handed him the rifle. Harada is not a registered gun owner and the law states that permission must first be obtained from the prefectural public safety commission. In accordance with the Swords and Firearms Control Law, Saga prefectural police are investigating he incident, produced by the local Biwako Housou. Police have questioned Harada and carried out a search of the company’s premises and are thought likely to file charges.

*headdesk* Come on people! Are you serious? Is it that dull in that prefecture that you have to search a guy’s house for just holding a gun? My head hurts after that one.

Real-Life Twitter.

-At long last a full trailer for the sequel to Storm Riders, The Storm Warriors, is now online!

Time to kick up the storm.....


-Ever wanted to fully grasp contemporary Japan but didn’t know the way to go about it? Well even if you didn’t, the Nippon Foundation has apparently compiled a definitive list of books that should give foreigners an understanding about various aspect of Japan, whether it be politics, culture, or art.

The full list is here. It may seem intimidating and more towards the serious scholars out there but I’m betting that anybody could get into it.

And finally, wow, soccer moms can actually make a difference:

The emergency EOCS meeting involving almost 100 representatives from various eroge companies has just ended, and the final conclusion is that rape games are now banned.



In what may be the greatest find of the week, some generous soul have uploaded a vintage audio story collection by Alfred Hitchcock. The stories aren’t exactly his usual fare but there are a few good ones in the batch. Click the video itself to check out the other parts of the album.

In the meantime, Hitchcock meets James Brown:

Honorable Mention:
John Connor’s Fall from Grace. Or: Uwe Boll is allowed to do another movie.

Now before you leave, here a link grab-bag….
Notes from the legendary Anime Boston Edogawa Ranpo panel
-Four Year-Old Kabuki Actor (Japan Probe)
-This Right Wing Bus Can Be Yours If The Price is Right! (Let’s Japan)
-How to Become a Kamen Rider Figure (AZM)

That’s it for this week’s ACE. Now, the most awkward pizza delivery ever:


One thought on “FRIDAY ACE: “Walk Out With Style” Edition – Week of 05/31/09

  1. I really wonder what it would have been like if all the Pizza Hut references were kept in Code Geass in America and Pizza Hut actually tried to put that into their marketing in the States.

    Also, I like how the Mazinger Z theme and Kanjite Knight are interchangeable in both openings.

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