Moe Rocket Punch

...Why Japan? Why?

Remember when I posted about the Toei Robot Girls? It’s gone live.

From ANN:

The Toei Animation studio has launched its website for the Toei Robot Girls project with a weekly four-panel manga series on Tuesday. To promote the various works in the studio’s anime catalog, the project features girls dressed as various famous Toei robots. In particular, the website and the first manga installment center on three female personifications of the robots in the Gaiking (“Gai-chan”), Magnerobo Ga-Keen (“Gacky”), and Superhuman Combat Team Baratack (“Bara-tan”). The project was first revealed at March’s Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009.

In the backstory created for the project, the Toei Robot Girls Laboratory was established to protect Earth from the threat of space invasion. The laboratory gathered the data from super robots who have protected Earth in the past, and then used that research to imbue “cute girls” with their legendary powers.

The sad part? I know we’re going to get parody guro art of Gai-chan doing Gaiking’s Face Open…


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