FRIDAY ACE: “Finally, Finally” Edition – Week of 07/05/09

For awhile now, the big news in Japan has been the completion of the giant Gundam statue in Tokyo. Well good news guys because now it’s finally, FINALLY done! To celebrate, a proper ceremony was held, featuring an impressive laser light show, the ceremony featured the likes of Yoshiyuki Tomino, Toru Furuya (Amuro Ray in the original Gundam) and Gackt doing the narration!

So wait, Gackt is doing Gundam narration, was a character in Fist of the North Star, and NOW he’s Riderman!

My mind is blown. And now, this week’s Friday ACE!

JAM Project recently revealed the TV Size of their second opening theme to Shin Mazinger: Shougeki! Z-Hen

Crooks in Japan, consider your days numbered! Japanese police officers in Shizuoka Prefecture are getting ready to implement a new means of catch law breakers: laser-guided paintball guns.

…..Right. Somebody get these people a copy of Call of Duty 4.

Get ready New York, you’re about to be overrun by slightly pedo-fanboys because AKB48 is coming to NYC!

From Tokyograph:

…..AKB48 is planning to perform in New York in September, followed by a concert in Cannes, France, in October. If the information is true, AKB48 will likely be a guest at the New York Anime Festival, which takes place September 25-27. However, no official statement has been made yet by NYAF or AKB48’s management.

The sad thing is that I’m already tempted to go to the NYAF on account of Yoshiyuki Tomino being there.

Remember Jija Yanin from Chocolate? Sheeee’s baaaaaack! Here’s a trailer for her “sophmore” film, Raging Phoenix:

Miku Hatsune has invaded Playstation Home. None shall be spared.


Want a free laptop? If you’re a “foreign blogger”, head over to this site here where you can win one apparently if you write positive things about Korea.

The Korea Tourism Organization is looking for 100 international bloggers who can cover the topic of Korean culture and travel. The application is open from Jun 15 to Aug. 31. The project is collaboration with the Voluntary Agency Network of Korea.

The event titled “Blog Korea! Visit Korea!” will review blogs on Korea written in a variety of foreign languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish and Russian) and choose the best 100 that show great interest in Korea as well as receive a high number of visitor “hits.”

Top five bloggers will each receive $500 worth netbook, 10 runner-ups digital cameras while the remaining 80 bloggers, MP3 players. Top 30 bloggers will also be invited to a special camping trip in Korea in October.

Truth be told, I almost want to enter. No snark. Still, I think the competition is going to be fierce, especially if this guy enters:

Here’s an interesting story about an American guy studying abroad in Japan who was hit by a train….and survived.

-Lastly, it looks like Guiness has finally found out who holds the record for the Best Selling Download Single in Japan. The winner? GReeeeN with “Kiseki”!


Congrats guys! Now if all of you could just pass your dentistry exams so you can reveal yourselves!

That’s it for this week’s Friday ACE. Now, Taro Aso giving the Pope a Sony video camera:


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