FRIDAY ACE: “Unemployed” Edition – Week of 07/26/09

As of now, I’m officially unemployed, having quit my job of three and a half months. It’s a long story but in all honesty, I wish I could have had the guts to do something as epic as the following when handing in my two weeks notice:

And now, a short ‘n sweet Friday ACE? Why? Nobody’s paying me for it….

-To start off, two things from this year’s Comic-Con that you should give a damn about. First up, the teaser for MAD House’s forthcoming Iron Man anime!

Then of course, Tron Legacy….

Both of these projects have me all psyched for 2010! Especially considering how Tron Legacy is going to have their soundtrack done entirely by Daft Punk!

Gah! Next year cannot come fast enough now.

I’m way behind on a lot of current anime shows. I need to finish Eden of the Easty, I just started Canaan on impulse, and I haven’t even bothered with Haruhi following the rage-inducing “Endless Eight” debacle. So then why is it that nobody has been talking about THIS show?!

Seriously, GRANRODEO doing the opening theme? Animation by MAD House?! What the hell, internet?!

-Now then….Every year the Eurovision Song Contest comes along and always gets us talking. It’s like a musical olympics where songs representing various countries in Europe are performed live. In this case though, sometimes they can be over the top…..

However, from Japan Probe comes something that I think outdoes even the wildest Eurovision entry. Miss Universe Japan 2009’s national outfit….

Emiri Miyasaka-WHA?!

Yeaaaaaaah. Wow. Just…Wow. According to another blog, the whole thing is being done for of shock value. Designer Ines Ligron says:

“The conservative and fashion-dinosaurs are critisizing her costume, meanwhile the fashionistas love it.”

….I actually want to see what a Fashion Dinosaur looks like. Seriously. Maybe it’s like something out of Dinosaucers. Anyways, in all honesty, I’m not totally bothered by this. Not because of “OMG! SKIN!” but it’s not like she’s being forced to speak in a stereotypically bad Engrish. Japanese bloggers on the other hand are a different story.

Some of their more colorful comments include calling the outfit:

  • a national disgrace
  • making fun of Japanese traditional clothing and culture
  • a stupidly designed stupid costume for a stupid person to wear
  • something akin to the emperor’s new clothes – is she surrounded by nothing but yes men?

Will this increase Japan’s chances of winning this year’s pageant? I’m going to laugh my ass off if it does.

So okay, we’ve had tsundere cafes, Gundam cafes, and even army cafes…is there any fetish/niche that the maid cafes industry hasn’t touched upon yet? Not to worry, they just found another one: Samurai Maid Cafes.


Sengoku Style Cafe & Bar Mononopu is the “originator of this style” as Kanye West so cleverly put it once. It’s your run of the mill maid cafe but the girls are dressed up in a combination of maid outfits and samurai armor. Whether they refer to you as Dono or “Lord” instead of “Master” has yet to be confirmed but it would be an essential plus in their corner. Hit up their site for more info and even directions if you want to check this place out!

Avex Network posted the trailer for what may be the next thing from the group that made Vexille, TO:

-Last but not least, somebody may have finally given me a reason to buy Street Fighter IV for the PC: A Sakura mod that plays into my inner mechaholic….

The trailer for the Wes Anderson-directed adaptation of The Fantastic Mr. Fox hit the net this week. I recommend any and all of you animation nuts check this out.

Honorable Mention:
Tiffani Theissen is BUSY!

That’s it for this week’s ACE. Now, the Best Ragequit Response Ever:


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