The New Hurricane Has Arrived! WONDER GIRLS!

I’ll admit that I’m not a big follower of Korean pop aside from the likes of Rain and Epik High but this deserves mentioning. Emerging from the smoldering ashes of Jonas Brothers concerts comes The Wonder Girls!

This award winning girl group recently gained fame in the States opening for the Jonas Brothers on their current tour. At the moment, the hype machine is in full swing as there have been fan concerts and even efforts to get the “Nobody Dance” set as the next big dance craze.

Why am I mentioning this when I know there are readers of this blog who would sooner gag at the thought of pop music? Aside from this song actually being kind of catchy, the Wonder Girls did the one thing that BoA sort of stumbled with on her US debut and actually maintained their original sound. If they can succeed with it has yet to be seen as their first English album is still in the works. Hats off to JYP then if they can pull this off and send a message to any other Asian music acts that “if it ain’t broke, there’s no need to fix it”. Who knows, maybe this will motivate Rain to finally do a US debut after putting it off for so long!

Check out their official site here if this catches your fancy.


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