Countdown to Destruction?


The hot-then-cold-then-all-of-a-sudden-hot-again-when-we-least-expect-it topic amongst the fandom is the fate of Power Rangers after RPM. We’ve had news articles saying that it’s the last to be shot in New Zealand, blog entries from stunt staff saying it’s over period, and press from Bandai saying that it’s NOT over and we’re all just paranoid. So what could make the confusion even worse? Insider news.

A member from HJU posted the following:

….the company I work for are currently re-dubbing the English version of a pretty major anime, and its my team’s job to make sure Bandai’s peeps are in-sync with our dub, and vice-versa.

Anyhow, today was told the Power Rangers department for Europe (based in Southampton, England) is being dismantled, and the same is happening in USA.

I imagine most people will be moved onto other franchises, like the upcoming Ben 10: Evolutions, and any future PR work will be done by a very small freelance team.

That’s all I know.

So…..IS this the confirmation we’ve been waiting for? I’d imagine so as the main drive for Power Rangers, like Super Sentai, is hawking toys. If the department is being dismantled then I imagine The Powers That Be would see no reason to continue the series. However, I’ve been wrong before about this so until the news comes out in a press release, I’m going to hold off on letting my inner child cry his eyes out. That and demand a MMPR Power Morpher. I’ve never owned one T-T


One thought on “Countdown to Destruction?

  1. My old MMPR morpher has been lost to the sands of time…and yard sales. I would love a re-release and will foolishly maintain hope for one.

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