FRIDAY ACE: “I Love Milk” Edition – Week of 08/23/09

Warning, the following introduction may not be safe for work….

No words can explain, nor justify this clip…..SO HERE’S THIS WEEK’S FRIDAY ACE!

-To start things off, here are some things I wanted to post last week that I never got around to. First off, Bollywood Power Rangers….

-To follow that up……I can only describe it in one word: Rubberduckzilla.

-Every now and again, we’ll see videos on Japan Probe of washing machines that sound like people having sex and the like. However, this week takes the cake; a door that sounds like the Terminator theme when it closes.

Mamoru Oshii is back in live-action! Check out the teaser for Assault Girls!

-From Twitch comes amazing news for Go Nagai fans: A live-action Abashiri Family movie is in the works!!


From Tokyograph:

In the movie, a great war has resulted in the Abashiri family being implanted with “violence suppression chips” and confined to a region of Japan designated for villains. Kikunosuke [played by Idoling!!!’s Erika Tonooka], who has no memory of her past, leads life as a student at Paradise School. However, a plot by the school’s principal triggers the revival of the Abashiri family.

Directed by Ultraman Tiga alumni Teruyoshi Ishii and penned by Sadayuki Murai (scriptwriter for Millenium Actress and Perfect Blue), we can only hope this will make up for both Cutie Honey and Devilman. What? I didn’t like Cutie Honey‘s random BS ending…..

-Matt Alt tells us how one should run a Japanese toy store.

Also, how to completely massacre a pick-up line.

I almost want to be the next Chris Crocker and do a “LEAVE NORIKO SAKAI ALONE!!!!” video. Why? Because the Japanese media STILL hasn’t let go! Following up last week’s award-winning 3D simulation of the cell she’ll be stating in, Now we’ve got accusations that she destroyed her evidence and this prized gem of journalism; NORIKO SAKAI IS HAUNTED BY GHOOOOOOOSTS!


Apparently, they spotted a ghost behind a picture of Sakai during a TBS broadcast! OH MY GOD! She’s not only a junkie, she’s THE DEVIL!

-Lastly, Comcast screwed up. Big time.

No, this isn’t a misplaced Tangent of the Week (that will be coming shortly), there is actual relevance here. Mostly in the form of them being sued by Toho!

Comcast has been doing this series of Comcast Town commercials to try and get the word out about their products. Did you spot Godzilla’s cameo? Yeah, unfortunately, so did Toho. According to Sci-Fi Japan, because they did it without the expressed permission of the fabled studio, Comcast and the ad agency that cooked up the ad are being slapped with a lawsuit! Whoops!

I understand that you guys might have been fans…but maybe you should have taken a hint from Garmin and created your own tribute monster?



Best. Hair Dresser. Ever.

Now, some links to go out on!
-PV for the new RIDER CHIPS single, “Ride a first way” (Youtube)
-New Trailer for Kamui Gaiden (Twitch)
-Kinnikuman is suddenly offensive? (Japan Probe)
-SkyRider IS Kamen Rider Amazone (via HeroPower)

That’s it for this week’s ACE. Now, to take us out, Jet Daisuke:


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