Kamen Rider: Remastered!!

Ever wanted to see the Original 98-episode Kamen Rider TV series but lacked time or money for it? Well good news for you guys and gals…if you’re in Japan anyways. Starting this October, Kamen Rider will be broadcast on Toei Channel in a brand new HD Remastered Edition!


According to Mainichi News, during an event hosted by Hiroshi Fujioka (Kamen Rider 1 himself!), it was announced that Kamen Rider will start broadcasting on Toei Channel on Mondays at 4PM, starting October 5th. The series will be touched up from the original 16mm prints, with all dust and scratches fixed up, to create a new digital HD master. I’m honestly getting a Dragon Ball Kai vibe from this so don’t be too surprised if a few months from now, we hear about a Kamen Rider Special Edition Blu-Ray Memorial Box.

(Now here’s a quick edit and an interesting thing to note: Patrick Macias mentioned that there’s been a standard definition remaster before…which actually looked spectacular. The first DVD releases were using touch-ups of the old 16mm prints as well but they hadn’t been digitized. Looking elsewhere, apparently there have been complaints about the audio bitrate or something along those lines. With this in mind, this could either mean that there isn’t much tech involved here, saved for audio restoration and finishing touches, and this is indeed just part of the Anniversary Project……or further evidence of an excuse for Kamen Rider Blu-Rays. Take your pick, I’ll have to do a comparison when the series starts airing.)

It seems like NOW Toei is hung up on the Heisei Rider 10th Anniversary. How do I figure? Firstly, with Double being touted as part of the “Heisei Kamen Rider 10th Anniversary Project”. Same goes for the Toei Channel broadcast of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, also happening in October. That’s right, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is going to get the Japanese Power Ranger treatment: Japanese actors dubbing over the American cast, with some voices from the original show coming back. In this case, Satoshi Matsuda, the original actor of Kamen Rider Knight, will be coming back to voice Wing Knight.

My only problem, shouldn’t they have done this with, y’know, the program that was designed to be an anniversary project? Regardless, this is an awesome thing that they’re doing with the HD Remaster. Maybe a fansubber group that is A.) Competent and B.) NOT TV-Nihon (Sorry guys, I’m just not fans of your work) can take a crack at this for the sake of the new wave of fans out there. That or, lord forbid, Bandai ups this on the forthcoming Bandai Channel when it goes live. In the meantime, time to break out the scarf and belt and run around in the rock quarry in celebration.


3 thoughts on “Kamen Rider: Remastered!!

  1. What do you have against TV-Nihon, one of the best fansubbers out there?

    What did we ever do to you, only bring you the best in Tokusatsu with great sub’s a HQ effect that enhance your view experience.

    Your slander will not go unanswered, i hope your have a good sucurity system because i will personally find you and slit your throat along with every other member of our griup.

    We stand on the top of Fan Subbing, so kneel before us or do yourslef and the world a favor and commit suicide, it will save us the plane tickets.



      …You caught me after seeing Inglorious Basterds. Go fig.

      If you’re serious, then hey! It’s not slander! In print, it’s libel. (Ten points if you know the reference, but I digress.) I figure I should explain myself anyways: My dislike of TVN stems from my not digging the way certain translations are handled. I know, that’s just asking for a Weaboo Accusation but when suddenly “Kisama-yatsu-tachi-kun-sama” appears on the screen, and you know just enough Japanese to be able to discern that it CAN be translated? It just strikes me as laziness on their part. I’d go into a full rant here but I’m saving that for a rainy day.

      And yes, I know “Fansubbing is Hard”. I actually watch most of my stuff raw anyways as I’m trying to study the language. Otherwise, you have made my night, good sir. Moreso than this guy:


  2. (Reference is a line J. Jonah Jameson said in Spider-Man movie 1)

    I generally agree with you on TV-Nihon’s laziness in leaving some Japanese phrases untranslated despite having fairly straight equivalent English wordings. Otherwise, they’re ok. I usually archive their subs over other subs of the same product.

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