Fail, Green Ranger, Fail

Anticipation is high for Bandai’s relaunch of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toyline and oh my god, what the hell is this?

…..Good night, everybody.


6 thoughts on “Fail, Green Ranger, Fail

  1. Toot, toot toot, tooty-toot! Toot, toot toot, tooty-toot! Sing along!

    What do you want? Kids don’t even know or care about the original American Power Rangers. I didn’t get a freakin’ sword when I was watching. At least they get that

    • I don’t really want anything out of this deal, really; My original Dragon Dagger rest well among my other aging Power Ranger toys of yore. I’m just boggled as to WHY they would do this.

      Then again, maybe I am just bitter because I was hoping we’d get Power Morpher re-issues. I never had one as a kid. *sniff*

  2. Does everything have to look like those Star Wars lightsabers?

    Either way, sound effects will be the deal breaker for me. I could at least break the sword blade and seal the bottom to keep the dagger.

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