Criterion and Netflix: The Greatest Gift of All

Are you the type of person that hates how movies are these days? The guy in the back row of a theater who wonders why he fell for a hyped up bait-and-switch? The girl who wonders if there’s any hope for Hollywood? The person always wondering if there ever was such a thing as good cinema? Well, if you’ve got Netflix, you can kill all of these birds with one stone: Criterion has announced that they will be adding 35 of their most popular film releases to the service’s Instant Watch list!

You can go here for the full list (including classics like The Seventh Seal and Man Bites Dog) but among them are several Akira Kurosawa essentials, including Yojimbo, Ikiru, Rashomon, and The Seven Samurai! As AICN and Spill‘s Massawyrm put it, you now have no excuse. This is truly the greatest Pre-Christmas present of the year!


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