Scrooge, The Invincible: Being An Interesting Thought Regarding A Christmas Carol

Christmas is finally upon us, ladies and gents. That time of year where you find yourself surrounded by family and material wealth, and bombarded by inches of snow and Christmas Specials on television. Chances are a bulk of these specials will be the various adaptations of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I don’t think there’s a person alive who doesn’t know the premise of this required Holiday reading/viewing by heart, as it’s one of the most remade works out there. That being said, haven’t you ever wondered why nobody out there has thought about adding more of a twist to the classic tale? There have been several “sequels” but nothing that’s ever drastically changed the outcome of the story; the overall message of this story is that of reclaiming the sense of compassion that the world’s beaten out of you…and all that jazz.

However, it was in thinking that something different should happen that the following idea popped in my head. Bear with me, and know me better man…and ladies….er…yeah:

By the end of the story, Scrooge is relieved to see that he’s finally home and everything had happened in one night. He then proceeds to get the Cratchits the prize-winning turkey to live happily ever after–you know the story, I know, but how about this? What if, instead of being scared into the holiday spirit, Scrooge had snapped and came to a different realization? See, the Ghost of Christmas Future showed him what would be if he had carried on his miserly ways. If he didn’t lift a finger to change things, his miserable death on Christmas would still come to pass. Going by this, and granted he was desperate to find a silver lining, Scrooge would now know that he will be dead around Christmas (the exact year is never specified so let’s just assume that it is *a* Christmas), and the faces and names of his enemies that would rob him blind or scoff him without a second thought. If this is indeed the case, then for the rest of his life, Ebeneezer Scrooge will go down as a nasty skinflint of a man, but he’d be a practically invincible skinflint!

Yes, every December the 25th, he’d have to face the possibility that he could snuff it, but knowing fully well that he wouldn’t go until then? He could do whatever the hell he wanted! Maybe he’d end up throwing Joe (the lead hoodlum who took in Scrooge’s stolen things) and his associates into the workhouse, maybe he’d get revenge on his fellow men of business, or maybe he’d still turn out to be a decent bloke. There’s the old saying that a man who does not fear death is the deadliest man alive–Scrooge could be that man if he’d just realized what he had in his hands. For all those who always wanted a chilling ending to this so called “Ghost Story for Christmas”, there you go!

Pretty chilling stuff, huh? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Until then, Happy Holidays!


4 thoughts on “Scrooge, The Invincible: Being An Interesting Thought Regarding A Christmas Carol

  1. You’re running under the assumption simply seeing the future and knowing whatever happens doesn’t change the future in itself. Scrooge can change the future, but not necessarily for the good like he did. Say he chooses your route. It’s still a change and all bets are off. No invincibility.

  2. That’s why Batman and the Doctor have to go back in time on a awesome quest to defeat him, with their fists and sonics!

    And commit The Master to Arkham whilst they’re at it.


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