I recently did a bit for Anime82’s Mecha Madness regarding Voltes V, one of my favorite mecha anime of all time. Because there’s a lot of stuff that I feel needs mentioning, I’m doing a show notes page to keep it all in one place. If you’re coming here after the review, hope you enjoyed it! If you haven’t listened yet, what are you doing?! Go listen right now!

-Yes, it’s obvious that I recorded the segments in different sessions since the settings tend to switch. Also, a lot of distortions and glitches worked their way in somehow. Blame two session crashes and my stubbornness in not restarting after auto-recovery kicked in.

-The “radio” bit during the mention of Ferdinand Marcos was a vintage recording of his declaration of martial law in the Philippines. Unfortunately, it came off sounding distorted but the clip itself is hard to make out to begin with. If you want to watch it for yourself, here’s a link.

-Hope you enjoyed the nod, Gerald. :P

-I’m going to laugh so hard if one day Yoshiyuki Tomino does come out and admit that Voltes had some kind of hand in the development of Zambot 3. Otherwise, I stand by my theory!

-“Fight! Ga-Keen” – Ichiro Mizuki and Mitsuko Horie
-“The End of the Rainbow” – Lalo Shifrin (Mannix Soundtrack)
-“Giga Rhinos! Giga Phoenix! Giga Vitus! (Instrumental)” – Toshihiko Sahashi
-Select Tracks from VOLTES V ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (ANIMEX 1200 Re-Issue)
-“Go!! Zambot 3!” – Kouichiro Hori
-“Voltes V’s Song (English Version)”

Sound Byte Quote Translations:

(From Voltes V, Episode 10)
PROFESSOR HAMAGUCHI: We have no choice but to use it…..The Ultra Magcon!

(From Zambot 3, Episode 16)
MINION: We have captured three Jin Family children!
BUTCHER: What? The Jin Family? Doesn’t matter, I’ll eat them all up!

(From Voltes V, Episode 12)
HEINELL: [EVIL LAUGHTER] “Amusing! This is QUITE Amusing! To think in trying to escape Earth’s fate, we meet face to face!”

(From Voltes V Chogokin Commercial)
“Voltes V! The Price of Justice is 8,700 Yen!”

Suggested Further Reading:
Regarding ZAMBOT 3
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My Otaku Crossover Article

Regarding VOLTES V
Wikipedia Page (May contain spoilers)
Ivan Chen’s VOLTES V Shrine

Regarding Ferdinand Marcos
Wikipedia article on the People Power Revolution
-Documentary via YouTube

-Moral Event Horizon Explanation via TV Tropes

Special Thanks: Matt Alt (Toy info clarification–even though I ended up not going into it as much, sadly), Ivan Chen (for having the best site ever), Regan (for offering me the chance to have some no-holds-barred podcast fun in the midst of the R5 hiatus), and Kira/Rina-Chan (last minute voice-work as ‘Life’ in the opening).


5 thoughts on “MECHA MADNESS: VOLTES V Show-Notes

  1. Excellent….deductions on how Gainax was created by Voltes V. But seriously, this was the second time I heard a westerner’s review on this show. Twas entertaining and educational at the same time. Thank you.

    PS: I was the one who wrote Heinell’s Moral Event Horizon thing in TvTropes. Though I had to delete it since it strikes a real raw nerve at Heinel fangirls.

    • Hey there!

      Glad you enjoyed the episode! When R5 Central comes back full-time, I hope to do more reviews like this one as this turned out better than expected!

      Also, really? While I’m not surprised as fangirl rage, Heinel isn’t exactly a saint in this series though….

      • I have to clarify though, that I didn’t write the entry in question in the Moral Event Horizon page, but in the Voltes V Tropes page and in the Draco In Leather Pants (anime subpage) page. Look it up for the definition.

        Yeah. It’s kinda weird though. If she knew that Heinel wasn’t exactly a saint as she keeps on insisting, them why does she have to load the entries with justifying bullets just to say that Heinel’s leather-pantsing (as we call it in TvTropes) is justified?

  2. Yes, I know that this is a shot in the dark and I may get a less-than-favorable response. But there’s a lot of things about this show that has been bugging me; and it seems that you have gathered a lot of knowledge to shed light on them. I was wondering how could I talk to you about them?

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