About J-Ace

Justice ACE is the blog of Mike Dent, covering random facets of Asian Pop Culture with random videos from time to time. There are also articles and junk that sometimes get crossposted over to Henshin Justice Unlimited.

Cliff Notes Version: One day while minding his own business, Mike was visited by a man on a flaming pie, wielding a golden Nintendo Power Glove and the Lance of Loginus. He said “You shall have a blog and its name will be ‘Justice ACE’!!” to which Mike replied, “…Okay.”

To prove it wasn’t a dream, the man on the flaming pie blew up a nearby onlooker who witnessed the whole experience. However, he quickly regretted doing so and turned the onlooker into a double mocha latte which was promptly thrown into a crowd of rabid hipsters. To this day, both Mike and the Man On The Flaming Pie, now called Phillip, agree that the little bastard had it coming.

WHAT IS “Friday ACE”?
Friday ACE was an End of The Week Recap entry series that Mike started up recently to keep this blog from falling into obscurity. Think of it as a mini newsbreak segment  print form: vids, newsbytes, pics…pretty much anything pertaining to Asian Pop Culture that happened that week. The entry series has since made the jump into podcast form over at OtakuUSAMagazine.com. Catch regular episodes every Friday!

Mike Dent, otherwise known as “Great Sage-Equal of Heaven”, “Master of the 72 Divine Transformations”, and “The Invincible Dream of Flames”, is a bit of a hot blooded starving artist. When he’s not trying to conquer the 36 Chambers of Electro-Shaolin, he serves as the host and producer of the Parsec Award-nominated podcast, R5 Central and Friday ACE for Otaku USA Magazine; he’s also a regular contributor and ran a column for two years in said publication. He also does a bit of voice acting on the side, appearing in productions like The Falcon Banner for Darker Projects.

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