I recently did a bit for Anime82’s Mecha Madness regarding Voltes V, one of my favorite mecha anime of all time. Because there’s a lot of stuff that I feel needs mentioning, I’m doing a show notes page to keep it all in one place. If you’re coming here after the review, hope you enjoyed it! If you haven’t listened yet, what are you doing?! Go listen right now!

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Gonna Make It Over The Top (In Audio)

So okay, Friday ACE has been going on for awhile now, R5 Central’s still on hiatus, what’s next on the plate of Rider 5 Productions….and by that I mean, me? Dirty Pair.

I’m going to be producing a pilot for a potential audiobook series adapting the exploits of the Lovely Angels. My first ever fan-project, if you can believe it! Now right about now, you’re probably asking one burning question: WHY? Honestly? It just kind of happened.

Some time ago, a fan transcription of Kodansha’s hard-to-find English release of The Great Adventure of the Dirty Pair fell into my lap. This was before Dark Horse published the first two books so I figured I’d hold onto it…..and let it gather dust, unfortunately.

Flash-forward to the present where I’ve suddenly developed an itch for audiobooks–Or at the very least, producing one. It’s a new medium for me and as a producer, I found myself wanting to take on the challenge. It was somewhere during my research for my Dirty Pair articles when I’d remembered that I had the fan transcription, even though I’d bought both Dark Horse release. All the same, I imported it to Google Documents and just sort of left it there as a prospect if I followed through with things.

One more jaunt to about a week ago: Still recovering from an annoying summer cold and following the upload of my crossover article, I felt the urge to take out the fan-transcription and play around with it. By the time I’d finished the first draft, it was five in the morning. I took it as a sign that, well, maybe I really need to produce this.

As I type, I’m holding auditions with the goal of getting the pilot out before August. If it’s well received, I aim to go through the entirety ofGreat Adventure and release the chapters online via podcast feed. If anything, I hope these will generate some interest in the books themselves that are available…and perhaps get the Powers That Be interested in getting the rest of them out. (He said, dreaming of a perfect world.) I normally wouldn’t get so fired up with a fan project like this but as I said, something really burns about this idea; sometimes you just can’t ignore the blaze.

Beforever, Brave Column of Love

The new issue of Otaku USA Magazine will be rather special if you’re a “fan” of my writing. After two years and some change of gracing the tailcoats of the Tokyoscope section, my column, an extension of R5 Central, will have its last “episode” in this January/February issue. Now before you guys go nuclear, let me answer your questions in a high speed fashion: No, I’m not being sacked, nor am I being exiled from the OUSA Elite. Despite my passion-filled insanity, they love me. My reviews and features will still be showing up in print form and I’ll probably be churning out more web content soon. As for the reason why, the column is ending because the magazine needs the space. This is a good thing, boys and girls; it’s a sign that we’re doing well enough that we need it.

As for the column’s indefinite future, I am considering rechristening it as something else for Keep your eyes set on my Twitter account to find out when the the madness will resume. Meanwhile, I’m actually not down about this.

…..No, seriously–this isn’t a facade to prevent drama; I really had a good run in what is essentially my ongoing lucky break. Since writing for this mag of mags, I’ve become a better writer, a better critic, and something of a better fan too. It felt great having my own little space in print to rant, rave, and review, and not just because I was paid for it. It’s because I shared my love of Tokusatsu, this growing niche of Japanese Pop Culture with the nation, maybe even the world. (Can’t guarantee the last bit as I’ve yet to see maid cafe girls nuzzling an article I’ve written.) Every other month, I used that printed soapbox to let all you valiant readers out there know about the amazing and the obscure, the good and the bad of Japanese live-action. Times were fantastic, I could not have asked for anything more.

And then there are you folks! The people who read the column and thought it was the keenest thing in print. So keen in fact that some of you actually have written to tell me that it’s through my writing that you checked out the Japanese Spiderman series, bought the Red Baron DVD set, and sought out the various things I talked about! All the messages, the occasional tips, everything over these past two years have meant more to me than you will ever know. To those who did, I thank you. And a big thank you to my intrepid Editor-In-Chief for giving me such a privilege in the first place. I owe you a debt that I doubt I’ll ever fully repay.

Now don’t stop buying the magazine or anything! (Though I seriously doubt the lack of my column would impact your buying decision.) Come for the finale of R5 The Column, stay for the win within its pages. Until then, thanks for the support, brave warriors of love. You guys are awesome.



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Disclaimer: Benu, you know I mean that in the most platonic way possible. Of Vengeance.