The Great Half-Ass Maneuver of 2009 (Or, All Riders VS Dai-Shocker: A Quick Review)

In the pages of OUSA, in what ended up being my last column, I ended up praising Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders VS Dai-Shocker based on everything I’d seen up until that point. Since Toei has gotten into the habit of basically revealing everything about the film in multiple media before its even come out, one could basically watch a month’s worth of trailers/opening theme clip shows and venture a guess from there. I did genuinely like what I saw, and from what I was hearing from my friends in Japan, it was a decent flick. So much was this joy that I took it with me when finally seeing the film for myself.

God, I’m so sorry for having faith in this.

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Ikemen Amazon is Ikemen

So these pictures recently surfaced on the 101fwy boards regarding the future of Decade. Guess who’s showing up.



That’s right. Pretty Boy Amazon, along with a revamped Jumenki (Ten-Faced Demon) are showing up in the homestretch. Look, I understand you want to lead into the movie but goddammit, stop going back and give some love to Shin, ZO, and J for crissake! I mean technically THEY are the first Heisei Riders and they haven’t even shown up once!

This isn’t a post about me being a purist fan and bitching about the recasts or anything like that; this is more me hoping Toei doesn’t screw this all up in the end. Guess I can only hope….