Henshin Robo Genndyzer (Or, Mike’s Quickie Review of SYM-BIONIC TITAN!)

Going through my referrals, I discovered that the one entry on this blog that always generated a large portion of the weekly hits turned out to be my report of Genndy Tartakovsky’s new series, Sym-Bionic Titan. It wasn’t so much because of it being a hard-hitting article, but rather the wait for its broadcast felt like listening to the first prolonged note of a three-hour opera –you want it to just start already! Thankfully enough, as of Friday night, that first note finally carried into what we came for.

Sym-Bionic Titan finally made its premiere on Cartoon Network, one of the two things worth watching that night (the other being the Star Wars: The Clone Wars season premiere. Screw everything else), and I’ll just tell you right now: It was worth every second of the wait. I posted about it on Facebook straight away, telling my friends “Animation buffs, you will love what they did with the style and backgrounds. Mechaholics, you will love all the homages and nods. Star Blazers[/Yamato] fans, you will cream yourselves at the climax”. Really, that’s the shortest possible way I can best sum up this premiere, but if you want the long-version? Hit the jump.

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We Are The (Sym-Bionic) Titans!

Genndy Tartakovsky, the man who gave us Samurai Jack and Dexter’s Laboratory is finally back!

….No, he’s not finishing Samurai Jack. Instead, he’s doing a frigging SUPER ROBOT CARTOON!


The name of the show is Sym-Bionic Titan. According to Toon Zone, the show will be “an exciting hybrid of high school drama and giant robot battles.”


Sym-Bionic Titan follows the adventures of three beings from planet Galauna who crash-land on Earth while attempting to escape their war-torn world.

No word on the airdate but here’s hoping this show can A.) Stay on long enough to not get sacked in favor of Shit Nickelodeon Counter No. 47 and B.) Get some resolution for once. We’re still waiting for that Jack finale, Genndy!

UPDATE: The Z-Chapter Unfolds!

New pics have surfaces for character designs regarding Shin Mazinger: Impact! Z-Chapter:


Check them out along with other tidbits at Mazinsaurus’ blog!

Additionally, it looks like we’re getting a special “Z-Chapter” Mazinger Z for Bandai’s Soul of Chougokin line!


Coming in at 7,140 Yen (About 73.00 USD), this sleek looking redesign boasts more articulation than previous SoC incarnations of Mazinger Z. The accessories and stand haven’t been revealed just yet but there have been glimpses of designs for the Jet Scrander. The GX-45 Mazinger Z will be hitting shelves in May, meaning that hopefully, the Shin Mazinger TV series will be airing sometime around then.

The Targeted City Opera Hall (Or “The Return of a Legend”)

If you find yourself in Japan around March 13th and you’re an Ultra fan, don’t waste a moment and order tickets for “Toru Fuyuki CONDUCTS Ultraseven”.


For the unaware, Fuyuki is a legend of the franchise, having done musical work for numerous Showa era Ultra Series including Ultraseven, Ultraman Ace, Leo and Ultraman 80, and also other TPC shows like Mirrorman and Fireman. It was actually him that was responsible for the iconic “Wandaba” chorus that’s heard in so many shows! Now, he’s back conducting the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra for a night of live renditions of Ultraseven’s legendary soundtrack.

The show will be March 13th at 7PM at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. You can order tickets here which start at 5,000 yen. Don’t allow yourself to miss this if you have the opportunity!

In the meantime, Tsburaya’s posted a two-part interview with Fuyuki on their Youtube channel.