Ikemen Amazon is Ikemen

So these pictures recently surfaced on the 101fwy boards regarding the future of Decade. Guess who’s showing up.



That’s right. Pretty Boy Amazon, along with a revamped Jumenki (Ten-Faced Demon) are showing up in the homestretch. Look, I understand you want to lead into the movie but goddammit, stop going back and give some love to Shin, ZO, and J for crissake! I mean technically THEY are the first Heisei Riders and they haven’t even shown up once!

This isn’t a post about me being a purist fan and bitching about the recasts or anything like that; this is more me hoping Toei doesn’t screw this all up in the end. Guess I can only hope….

Journey Through The Shinken?

I would have added this to Friday ACE but this is just too awesome to pass up: SHINKENGER/DECADE CROSSOVER EVENT!


Sponichi and Yahoo News broke the news earlier today. The two-part event will take place during episodes of Kamen Rider Decade on July 12th and 19th. Not much else has been revealed in terms of story details but it seems like they’re really going all out here.

One other thing though, fans are calling this the first of its kind. In actuality this HAS happened before….

Fast-forward to 4:37. Yep. Showa Era Mega-Crossover. All the same, I can’t wait for this to take place. Even if Complete Mode is a design trainwreck….


To atone for a lack of Friday ACE, here’s a recently revealed Kuuga Rising Ultimate Form. You read that right.


Before you cry foul of spoilers, you were bound to find out about this sooner or later at the rate we’ve been getting information about Decade this year. We also got a new photo from All Riders VS DaiShocker

You see, this is my OTHER twin brother who is ALSO an Ambassador...

Is that a revived Doctor Shinigami and Ambassador Hell that I see there? Interest is now piqued. And now, to close out this piece: Shoko Nakagawa as DenjiRed:



So for the longest time now, the internet has been ablaze about the rumors of the Decade movie being called All Riders VS DaiShocker. The whole thing started when people who went to test screenings of Super Den-O & Decade reported a trailer for it after the credits. The concept revolves around Decade and DiEnd teaming up with the Showa and Heisei Era Kamen Riders against Decade villain Narutaki and an army of revived monsters.

The good news? It’s been confirmed:

Hey, wait a minute....

T-This is...!

Yep, these images are legit. Internet is now freaking out about this, fandom is going nuts….so why am I not excited?

Maybe it’s a sign of how much of a pessimist I’ve become with the franchise but the prospect of seeing the likes of Stronger, ZO, and J in action again hasn’t hyped me up. I think part of it has to do with how Decade is the “Festival for the Heisei Era” and suddenly feels the need to drag the Showa Era into the mix. It’s like the final episode of Enterprise all over again; we don’t need them to add some gravitas here. If this had happened a few years ago with Kabuto, I’d probably be a bit giddy about it. Now? It just feels like a desperation maneuver. I know saying that is a bit of a stretch but think about it; There’s no Ultra series and the only competition is from Rescue Fire which has just only started. As somebody pointed out online, it’s like Toei saw that there was only two years left till the 40th Anniversary of the franchise and said “To hell with it!”

With the actors not coming back for the Decade TV series, fans were hoping we’d just get the Heisei Era together for one big brawl. Why? To explain where the hell the real Riders have been while Decade is out trying to restore the balance. C’mon, you know it’d make sense! Another thing is the possibility of a lot of the fan favorites not getting proper screentime, plus Decade most likely being overshadowed. Again. If Toei somehow manages to fail here, that’s it. I’ll personally wash my hands of the franchise. I know it’s a bit drastic but a fuck up of that magnitude would be unforgivable.

Then again, maybe I’m going about this the wrong way. This could be good. This could be the moment that ultimately redeems Decade for me. Maybe Toshiki Inoue could be writing it and actually crank out a script on par with Hibiki and the Seven War Demons? Maybe, just maybe, it won’t fail as badly as I’m expecting it to?

If only I could actually trust Toei, I might actually be able to believe in this. For now, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see for myself.

Of Demon Drums and Zecters

So while looking on the 101fwy Tokusatsu boards, I noticed the newest TV Magazine scan/caps for Kamen Rider Decade…and I saw this.

They're baaaaaaaaack!

That’s right, you aren’t seeing things. From left, Shingo Kawaguchi, Kenji Matsuda, and what looks like Jyoji Shibue are coming back for the Hibiki’s world arc in Decade! With the show’s somewhat stumbling perhaps this will turn the tide for the better….unless they get completely overshadowed by Kaito.

On the flipside of things to expect in future episodes, Alternate Souji Tendo has been revealed….


Sorry to all the Tendou fanboys out there who were hoping for a return by Hiro Mizushima. Unfortunately, it gets worse. Here’s a glimpse at Kabuto’s Final Form Ride….


….A-At least Faiz Accel Form has been confirmed to appear in that episode! That helps, right?!