Okay, I do get the occasional question about things here on J-ACE in addition to stuff on R5 Central from time to time. Figures I may as well get the big stuff ironed out and done with….

Q.) So what’s the deal with this blog anywa-
A.) Go read the About J-ACE page for all those sorts of questions.

Q.) Hey! I’m trying to get into Otaku USA, mind putting in a good word for me/Giving me personal e-mail addresses of staff/me using you as a reference?
A.) No to any and all variants of that question. Not trying to sound like an arse about it but seriously, there’s no point in talking to me about it. Any e-mails I get from people wanting me to do either of these things for them will be deleted on sight.

Q.) You bashed my favorite show, you jerk! I’m going to f*cking flame the hell out of your site!
A.) Um…that’s not really a question. Calm down. I’ve got a lot of opinions and with this being my blog, I’m privy to making myself known from time to time. If you don’t like what I’ve got to say then don’t firebomb the site. At least be civil and post a comment about it so we can sort whatever gripe you have with me out.

I’ll post more here when they become more relevant ^^;

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